Personalizing Virtual Learning Space: PLEs, VLEs, pVLEs

Technology Project Guideline

The goal of this project is to explore Integrating Technology into Teaching by developing an educational resource or virtual learning environment that ideally will be used in your future practice. Be prepared to share your work in a brief presentation on the last day of class.

SWBAT construct a theoretically grounded [TPACK] concept, learning activity, or virtual environment using one or more Social Media/Web 2.0 tools, where applicable implement it, and finally present their results to their peers.

Theoretical Framework- TPACK Discussion
TPACK page
and follow directions for learning about the TPACK framework as well as the link to the required reading.

Identify one concept or learning activity to be developed online & determine an effective way to implement it online

Ideas for Types of Learning Objects
___Screencast library or demo
___Voice thread activity
___Interactive concept map
___Digital story
___Online module
___Blog or Wiki
___Online Lesson
___Animated PPT module
___Educational app implementation
___Student Support Site [e.g.GoogleSite]
Format for Project
You will write a brief summary paper [1-3 pages] or create a presentation that includes:
___Context  [e.g. the subject area, target population, etc] 
___ Description of your project [provide enough descriptive so that fully understand what it is that you were investigating and why [rationale]
___Theoretical Framework [i.e. address how each of the components of the model are addressed in you project]
___ T - Technology
___ P- Pedagogy
___ CK - Content knowledge
___ Next Steps [so what happens from here?]

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