Ch 4. Wiki: Easy Collaboration for All
YouTube: In Plain English Video

1995 - Ward Cunningham creates an easy authoring tool Wiki [short for wiki-wiki = quick]
2012 - Wikipedia: over 3 million separate entries; approx 400,000 edits/day; has become 'the' encyclopedia of human knowledge

"Wikipedia is becoming a trusted & cited source by many major new outlets [the New York Times among them] and scholars"  p. 58

Main Feature:
Collaborative construction of knowledge

Some Uses:
- online text creation
- multimedia resource: explore Course Content WIKI

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Ch 5. RSS - Really Simple Syndication 
YouTube: In Plain English Video 

An application for helping to access the 'avalanche of information' on the web that aggregates or collects your favourite sites and notifies you of updates.

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 Activity: Working with your Google Reader; subscribe to Flex2012 blog; review & subscribe to 1-2 sources; think about organization of your reader.

Ch 6. The Social Web
YouTube: In Plain English Video


2006 - Twitter, also known as microblogging, is developed as a tool for providing quick updates in 140 characters or less

Anita's Twitter!/azboudreau
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Activity: set up your Twitter account; find and follow 1-2 interesting sources

Social Bookmarking
1996 - first bookmarking management services
2003 - Delicious popularizes 'social bookmarking' and 'tagging' features which enable "users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways & develop shared vocabularies."  

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Anita's Delicious:

Activity: Set up complete? Bookmark relevant sources from Day 2 [include tags, description]; Search & bookmark 2-3 sites [ISTE, Teaching Tolerance, plus your own subject related]

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