Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun With Flickr / Podcasting, Video and Screencasting, and Live Streaming_Saulo

Response to Chapter 7&8…
Have you ever been happy but anxious, excited by frustrated? I have. I have recently experienced these mixed feelings as I read this book written by Will Richardson. I have to say one more time that I agree that the title really captures the content of the book (…powerful tools for classrooms), at least it does in my personal point of view. It is very amazing to see how technology is overtaking all areas of our lives at the same time it is becoming more accessible every day. I know all I have to do is to invest time and be willing to know more about how technology can be used, especially in the classroom. For example, I never thought of using Flickr as an educational tool. I really never saw the potential to use it in the classroom. However, Richardson explores the “ability to capture daily events or highlights and easily share those with students, parents, community, and colleagues”, and the “ability to start online discussions about the images you post by adding comments under any particular photo”. All I have to find out is how that technology could be used in my class.

Podcasting and video and screencasting are also two new things for me. I have heard about them, I have used them, too. However, I had never done my own podcasting, or video and screencasting. The more I learn about these tools, the more I see the potential of using ALL of them in my classroom. I can see how the communication could be strengthened among teachers, students, and parents. I can see how it could facilitate my practice; for example I could use this tool to simply repeat instructions on a specific project, or explain complete concepts and examples as a way to reinforced what we saw in class. Nowadays, “…it has become much easier to create and consume multimedia as well as text and digital images”. Students are very interested in using technology and learning about it. Why should I wait or avoid using technology? The readings of this book have become a wake-up calling to step-up on my technological skills and use them for the benefit of my students.

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