Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Technology Project

Technology Project:
Class Blog
For my Technology project I wanted to create a blog for my students where they are able to present their course work and also a place where they can share collectively the work they have found. Within the blog I will break down depending in how many different classes I would be teaching, it would be broken down into three different classes. Spanish 1, Spanish 2 and Spanish 3, again this all depends on how many different classes I’ll be teaching. Within the Spanish blogs the students will be designated to their specific class and will also be able to view the other two Spanish class blogs. The more recourse the students have the more they will be able to practice.
The different blogs will contain different elements and different difficulty levels of work that will also depend on the class level 1, 2 or 3. As the creator of the blogs I will provide different example and tools students will be able to use as an aid to learning the Spanish language. The blogs will contain, audio, video, pictures, exercises and most importantly students work that they will need to share with the class. These are also elements that students need to post on the blog as well. I will ask them to find real world examples of the Spanish language in their everyday lives. This will give them a chance to interact more with native speakers and this will also make them more conscious of their Spanish surroundings. This will also give the students the ability to use technology that they are accustomed too. The can use their phones, itouches or really any mobile devise that can connect to the internet to post on our blogs on the spot. Again real life application and awareness of the language is key for me applying this type of interactive work.  

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