Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Technology Project

By Bob Hankel

For my technology project I created a Jeopardy game from using the

Biology curriculum from my placement. I chose to do this technology project because I think

I would actually use this in my classes in the future. I would even like to eventually create a

game to use at the end of every unit of study for a fun way to prepare for the exam.

This Jeopardy game could help a variety of learners to get a grasp on the big picture of

each unit of study. It could also help create a sense of camaraderie for students who aren’t

involved in sports and are good at science. This fits well with the TPACK model due to the

use of technology to enhance content knowledge. From a pedagogical standpoint, by knowing

how students learn in different ways, this teaching approach will help to add to a more diverse

learning environment that in conducive to a variety of learners. It could also be used as an

assessment to judge how much the students know about the material.

When I was creating this Jeopardy game it became evident quickly that I was going to enjoy

doing it. It is a good way to be creative by creating different categories of subject material. You

don't have to just create a category called "Cell Biology" or "Photosynthesis" but can create

titles like on the TV show like "starts with C", potpourri, or "before and after" etc. It is also fun to

come up with questions that fit the point values. It really helped me to brush up on the material

as well since I have to take the ORELA Science exam in the coming weeks. The site was very

user-friendly and it was very easy to move around the categories and return as needed. Also,

the site was free and all your games can be stored online for easy access at a later time.

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