Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Response to Chapter 9 Social Media - Aaron Bentz

So... I was quite disappointed when we searched facebook for educational pages. I worked with Andy to find anthing that would revlove around history teaching, but found very little. The pages on facebook that refer to elements of American history are essentially blogs that have the creator and people who subscribe to the page making posts about whatever they want. Even the library of congress page just had the creator posting in a blog like matter different links that have to do with history. These links would be greatly informative and interesting if just the content of the link could be searched or catalogued at all.

One facebook page that was more collaborative and set up for teachers was the European association of history educators. This group is set up and fairly developed, with over 1200 members. One interesting aspect of this group is that there are a few people who have asked for information or advice of their fellow group members regarding their history classroom. One in particular that I found interesting was a woman that asked for information, articles or journals that would be helpful teaching students with disabilities high school history. This page is much more helpful for teachers as a resource because it has the potential to be a place where a person that is part of the group can pose questions and expect answers from educators.


As far as a social network for education this is a much better option than facebook. Just the way the website is set up makes it clear that it is designed to be much more of a resource for teachers than it is a social tool. The social aspect of this website is what makes the resource aspect of the website useful whereas the social aspect of facebook is the main draw of the site. One part I really liked was the blog area where it listed different blogs. It also made it available to search for a particular blog or look at the most popular blogs. This is much more user friendly for a person that is looking for specific information. Just the vast amount of educational information on this site dwarfs facebook’s educational information.

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