Ch. 7 Creating Publishing & Using Images Online
Ch. 8 Podcasting, Video & Screencasting, Livestreaming: Multimedia Publishing
- discuss chapters
Photo Sharing
- tools like Flickr and Google's version Picasa, allow you to upload photos and share them via the Web using a variety of mobile devices. As we already have Google account through Boxer we will explore Picasa which is similar to features. As always on the web there are a variety of tools that do similar things but will often have certain specific features. Picasa: 

- is simply an audio file in an mp3 format. To create a podcast you need a digital audio recorder, server space to host the file, something to say, and time to prepare it.
- one step up from podcasting where you capture what you are doing on your computer and add audio narration. Richardson's example

We have THREE goals for today:
  1. Capture Multimedia Content - images, audio, video - using different devices such as a digital still camera, video camera, iPod, iPad.
  2. Explore Publishing your Content using applications that share Photos-Picasa, video-YouTube, Podcasts, & Screencasts
  3. Review & Practice Embedding Multimedia into your PLE and our course Blog
- first sign in to Boxer
- use different tabs for each of this so that you can easily flip from one to the other when it comes times to bringing all these items into your PLE

We will use a variety of devices.

Activity: Theme to be explored is EDUCATION
- Capture about a dozen images that would represent the theme of Education. Be creative. Also capture a headshot that can be put on your PLE
- Get set up in Picasa - it should be available through Boxer - upload the images and then create a slideshow of some of the images you captured

Audio - Podcast
There are a number of ways to create podcasts and my goal is to show you a quick and easy approach using a web-based application called Podomatic

Activity: Theme= My Philosophic View of Education, or Why I Decided to Become a Teacher
Take 5-10 minutes to write a 1-2 minute talk. Rehearse it.
Sign up for an account at podomatic at
Record your 1-2 minute podcast

- Again there are many tools and ways to create videos but as a simple introduction that would be easy to replicate in a classroom we will use a variety of devices: FlipVid, iPod, iPad as well as YouTube [as your Google account gives you automatic access to create videos as well as a page for storing and sharing them -]

Activity: Theme= your choiceCreate a TWO minute video on any topic and upload it to YouTube. You can do this with a partner or small group. After you have uploaded it, be sure to select the option for access as 'Anyone who has the link"

Time permitting, I'd like you to play with this screencasting tool to see how great it can be for explaining content or creating tutorials. You will be using this to create your response to Ch 7&8 for next week

Sign up for an account here:
Play with narrating the slideshow you created in Picasa

Bringing it All Together
Now that you have captured different content we will spend time going over how to bring it into your PLE [GoogleSite] and our course Blog. Here are the elements you need to bring in:

Headshot [insert image on home page] with 'wrapped' descriptive text
Slideshow: Images of Education
Podcast: My Educational Philosophy or Why I became a Teacher

HMK: Screencast Chapter Response
1. Write a brief response to Ch 7 & 8 and identify a resource [either from one of the chapters or that you found on your own] that you want to share with the class.
2. Sign up for a Screencast account
3. Create a screencast where you to talk to salient points you found in the chapter [from your written response] PLUS review [i.e. show us] the related resource. The length of your screencast should be maximum 2 MINUTES.
4. Select the Upload to YouTube option when you are ready to publish and be sure to select the access option for "Those who have the link"
To Post your screencast entry to the class blog:
1. Make sure you Sign in to the blog and
2. Create New Post [top right] on the Home Page.
3. Add a Title, then using the little video icon Insert A Video and follow the prompts to add your YouTube screencast.
4. Add some Tags & Save.

Resources for Today:
Flickr Toolbox: 100+ Tools for Flickr Addicts
Magazine/Poster Maker
Education Podcast Network


Quick Voice recorder app
Live streaming

Activity: Continue working on your PLEs/ePortfolios:

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