Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Luis: Social Networking


This first Facebook page that I came across is called Educatina. This is considered more of a Facebook app then just a page, but it’s definitely a useful tool that is presented on Facebook. This app presents material in Spanish. From math concepts to history learning, Educatina presents many different subjects in Spanish. Once you have added his app to your Facebook page you are able to view many different videos.
I came across an autism page that has more than one million followers. It looks like a pretty powerful page. As I was going through this page I found many different stories of people with children with autism and there were also different tools and resources that are available to people that had liked the page. This page also share a unique tool for people in that it has an online chat form that is also open to people that like the page. Once they have liked the page they are able to participate in these chats. The special thing about this online form is that they get to chat with doctors. Another cool thing that this Facebook page does is it gives links to its web page and also their twitter account.  


Distant Collaboration
As I was searching through this website I typed in, Spanish Teachers, in the group tab and it gave me 16 different groups that mention Spanish language. The first group that I found was distance collaboration learning. When I opened this page I found that teachers had posted or were looking for other opportunities to interact with other Spanish speaking classes so their students could practice more. This ranges from middle school to high school.  

Teaching Spanish with web 2.0 tools
I found another group under, “Spanish Teacher” was called, Teaching Spanish with web 2.0 tools. This group has a blog where they share tools they have found and used in their class. Within their blogs they direct you to the website and they also explain how they used it in class. This would be a great way to interact with other educators and share tools that have been used. With this we get a better understanding of what works and what didn’t work. I feel that if this website is used in effectively I can serve as a great tool with endless possibilities. 

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