Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Technology Project Summary- Global Studies

Global Studies Content Site

For my technology project I created a Google content site based around the subject of Global Studies. More specifically I focused on a single unit of study in the Cold War. The project incorporated videos, pictures, resources, definitions, key events, and people that were important or well known during this time period of roughly 1945-1991 in different pages. I tried to give an in depth but brief overview of all these key aspects because most of the content discussed on the site has had multi-volume books written about it. The audience for this site is for anyone that wants to learn more about this topic but more specifically because Global Studies is a freshman course that almost all of them are required to take at my placement and I thought of this first. I think it is a useful tool because if they missed class, need to fill in some notes they missed, want to review the topic prior to the test, or just learn more they can go to this site where everything is in one collective place instead of doing random searches on the internet. This project did incorporate the TPACK model as well. By creating the site and having videos and hyperlinks this covered the technologic aspect of it, while the content knowledge was the information that was on the site and the wide range of aspects covered such as the American Home front page to leaders and weapons. This content is taught in the classroom along with many of the ideas and information that is on the website. Only so much information can be delivered to a freshman class and only a certain amount of time can be dedicated to a single unit. The basic content information is given in class and reinforced by some activities and if there are still questions or the students want to review or learn more they can use this site. This site can serve a number of capacities, even sometimes by just watching a video on how powerful the Atomic Bomb explosion was or listening to Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communist propaganda can really give people a much better feel of the fear and circumstances that were going on at the time. From here I would like to continue to add to the Cold War unit and create other units of study as well within the site that relate to the topic of Global Studies. Such topics as WWI, WWII, colonialism, and culture could all be added along with other unit and the site could just continue to grow.       

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