Thursday, June 7, 2012

Social Networking Notes

In looking up historical pages on Facebook there were pages such as civil war history there were about 1200 likes but it was mostly a resource site where there were links to other websites about battles and events.
There was a WWI Facebook page where someone basically created a blog post and every week posts a new comment about some specific battle or person that is not very well known. It was interesting to learn about something that is not very well common, it was sort of like an interesting fact of the week type page.
There were some good pages and informative ones the Library of Congress has some good content and facts along with articles and a lot of comments by people, there were almost 70,000 likes for this page.
European Association of History Educators was the best group site that was found. Members write in and ask for feedback on topics, events, and other items and it looks like there are some good responses.
As a whole we typed in search words such as high school history teachers and there were no groups found and some individuals. I feel that a lot of educational history groups have not found their way to Facebook yet but if a person is looking for sources or sites it is a great place to search but at the same time a general internet search may yield the same results.

Classroom 2.0
Viewing classroom 2.0 there are some good history groups. Also, there is a lot about technology and comments people have posted on what works and what does not. There are a lot of interactive games and maps especially for the elementary level. Under the group History Resource they list a few links that are actually quite good and could serve well for my tech project. Also, farther down the page, there are sites that teachers have bookmarked and posted called Diigo History Teachers Bookmarks. A person does have to be a member to post comments and the site could be beneficial depending what a person is looking for. There is a lot of good technology ideas and examples from blogs to websites that teachers have used in their classroom or for projects which is helpful to look at.

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