Friday, June 22, 2012

Chapter 9 Response

Chapter 9 Response

I created a Facebook a few years ago when it wasn't very popular.  I only created an account because one of my close friends was living in South Korea at that time and she told me that that was the only way I could connect with her.  I was rarely using it though.  As Facebook gradually conquered the social network media, I began to using it more and more, very soon I started connecting with people that I had not seen in a while, and with relatives that were living far away from here.  As all of this was happening I noticed that I was reconnecting friendships I had forgotten and reestablishing relationships that had disappear because of the distance.  In fact, a Facebook page was created for my hometown, and through that I was able to know what was going on, on a daily basis.  It was communication at is best, as I see it.  

I have come to really enjoy Facebook for all the things that I've mentioned above, I've also come to understand that it is an area where I have to be careful though.  It is a big responsibility to have your life posted on the Internet for everyone to see, but it is manageable, just as it is manageable to conduct you life in a responsible way in the real world, you can also manage to conduct your life in a responsible in cyberg/digital world.

As far as educational stuff found in Facebook, I was surprised that there are a few things in there for that purpose.  I thought that this was just a social site, for social networking.  I was particularly impressed with the application of educatina.  This is an application that you can sign in through your facebook account and although it is only in Spanish, it provides you with tons of topics that you can review or learn in a quiet variety of subjects, through well made videos.  

That was the only one I explore but I will keep on searching to see what else is out there. 

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