Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Social Networking Applications

Exploring Social Networking Applications

In creating a Facebook account and doing a quick search on education I found  This website has a lot of resources for parents, educators, and kids.  I think it would be a great resource when searching for classroom project ideas. 

Other than this I didn’t find too much after looking for a while.  Most of the pages that related to elementary education or bilingual education were university pages or groups. 

Facebook Calling Parody was humorous to say the least.  When viewing Facebook in a non-virtual way, it seemed so silly how all of the questions and categories are “canned.”  I also thought there was a lot of truth about losing a bit of privacy in the aspect that people can post whatever they please (in this case it was the naked photos his mom would also see).  I think this is an important aspect to consider when thinking about our professions.  And then you always have to worry about people of your past popping up – as in the video!

My first impression of Ning is that there is a lot to it!  I was overwhelmed until I decided on a topic I was curious about and what I would search for.  I chose blogging in the classroom and found some great sites.  One of them incorporated students teaching how to give quality comments.  Another explained how students use blogs to connect to other students around the world and invite professionals to take part as well.  I viewed several student blogs and they were very individualized, interesting and a great way to share work.  Overall, Ning seems to be an excellent source of information.  I know that if I have questions about using tech in the classroom, I can probably go here and find good information. 

I have received several e-mails from people who have LinkedIn accounts.  Until now, I had no clue what it was for.  I had an idea that it had to do with careers or the professional world but I didn’t understand the purpose.  I watched a quick video and it relayed valuable information about how this can be a valuable tool for marketing yourself, making investments in your career by creating a strong social network, etc. 

Yet another way to make life a little easier for the teacher.  I find the idea of having information in a central database where many people can access it a great way to eliminate work and repeating oneself.  I really like the idea of using this in the higher grades for students to access work, grades, etc.  Because it is similar to Facebook it may be more user friendly and familiar to students.  Also, using technology in general tends to get students excited to learn.  I think that this sort of access would also build a sense of responsibility among the students, as they are able to access the class information on an individual basis.  

Opinion: Facebook threatens to 'Zuck up' the human race
Although this article is dogmatic in its perspective, I tend to think it is an important point to consider.  There are many who could stand for the benefits they feel Facebook brings to their lives (finding family and long lost friends) but I’m not sure that very many people have looked at Facebook from this point of view.  It’s funny because my sister-in-law recently decided to cancel her account after having it for a couple of years and she now exclaims, “I feel so free!  I don’t have to log on 20 times a day to ensure I am not missing something out there.”  I found that interesting, as she was one to hound me most about getting a Facebook account.  The reality was, she hadn’t stopped to take a look at the role that Facebook was playing in her own life and when she did she realized it wasn’t worth it to her.  I think this article has a point that everyone should at least ponder.

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