Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TPACK Article Response

Luis: Article Response 
The, Teachers Learning Technology by Design article showed me the many different elements that can be used in the classroom and how educators are learning about these tools and the way they are learning them so they can implement them in the classroom.  When the teachers are taking new technology course it important that they not learn how to use the programs, but learn how they can effectively use the new technology in the classroom. This article describes how teachers not only learned about new technology, but as small groups they created real life course work and web layouts. This is important because without real world application, teachers would only learn tech but not retain it. This is also true with students. 
Once the teachers have built their tech knowledge, the fun begins with classroom interaction. I believe that students are much more technology tuned because they have grown up with it. Students don’t just want to do computer work just to do it. Again there has to be meaning behind it. How can students use it in their real life? This is the most important aspect of teaching technology to students. Once students see how they can use it and what are the benefits of it, you got them hooked. Do not forget to make it fun and entertaining. It’s not about learning new tech anymore our traditional classrooms need to move to web 2.0 to keep up with the high volume of tech use. And as educators we need to be efficient and learn about new technology so we can prepare our students for a technology driven working world.

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