Thursday, June 21, 2012

Response to Kohler and Mishra Article

Response to Kohler and Mishra Article

                The aspects of this article that I found the most useful was the parts stressing the practicality of the technology implemented as well as educating the teachers thoroughly on the technology so that they can successfully implement it.

                First, if a technology is not practical the student will find it as a distraction and will not use it the way it is designed to be used, but if it is a technology that is a good fit for the student and the situation then the technology will be a great use. I really like the fact that this implies the use of technology that is cutting edge in a situation that it does not call for the technology is not preferred. I feel like occasionally technology is forced where it is not needed or helpful, but this article implies that this is not a great idea.

                Second, the training of the staff on the new technology is imperative. My sister is a math teacher in Wyoming where they have a ton of money for education due to the natural resource income from the state, and because of this they have the most technology in the classroom that I have ever seen before. There is more technology in these high school classrooms than there was in my division one university. The reason this school is able to implement these technologies is because of their extensive education on the technology to the teachers. If the teachers were not taught how to successfully implement the technology, the money spent on this technology would be wasted, but in Big Piney Wyoming this is not the case. They are well trained and therefore the technology is in a great implementation. This is what the Kohler and Mishra Article stresses.

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