Friday, June 22, 2012

Final Tech Project

Juan Loeza
Final Tech Project

Ballet Folklorico Mexicano Wiki

The Project:

For my final technology project, I decided to create a wiki that would provide information about the different segments that make up folk dancing from Mexico.  Mexican folk dancing is very complex and is divided into many, many different segments or regions.  Each segment has its own type of music, costume and foot work.   When I started teaching this type of dancing about four years ago, it was very difficult to find information about those kinds of things, even on the internet was not easy to  find, and very often it was incomplete information.  As a dance instructor, I really needed that information since I wanted to make sure that what I was teaching was very accurate to what is has to be. 

My goal with this project is to be able to help those people who could be in the same position that I was, or that simply for the fun of it, want to explore this form of art.  I also want this website/wiki to serve as a place where people can share information, and help each other out to keep the information as accurate and authentic as possible. 

What the wiki includes, is a home page where it explains the purpose of the site, and also a brief note about me since I pretty sure that people would want to know the kind of person that is behind this project.  Then, the subpages are for every segment that it includes, therefore every subpage represents a particular segment.  The subpage includes the geographical information about the specific segment and a short introduction of what the segment is about.  Then, every subpage has two subpages of its own, one is to describe and show pictures about the type of costume, and the other one is to describe the type of music, name some popular songs, and show some videos of what it looks like to dance this type of segment.

On the navigation bar I’m also providing some links to online stores that provide costumes and accessories for this type of dancing.  These are stores that I’ve personally done business with and therefore I consider them as reliable.  And finally, I’m also including some links to websites where people can find and download some of the music that it’s mentioned in the site.

TPACK Framework


There are a couple of aspects that reflect that on my project.  Number one is the use of the Internet as a source of information and number two the use of the Internet as a tool to share information, whether through text, pictures or videos.  The Internet these days is available and reachable for most people, and with it’s now mobile aspect, it’s use and value have skyrocketed. 


This is reflected by the fact that this is meant to be a collaborative project, where people can bring in their knowledge to provide information that is accurate.  It also means that people have to provide reliable sources to prove the accurateness of the information.  This site can then become the place where collaborative research is done between people that could be thousands of miles away.


 This is evident just by the kind of information it provides and its purpose.  This is simple put, the sharing of information that might not be easy to find.  This is also directed towards anyone that is willing to learn, regardless of their background.  This is passing knowledge from generation to generation, as it’s been done before through books, now it’s being done through the power of technology.

What’s next?

This is going to be a continuous project for probably the rest of my life.  I will keep adding information, keep adding segments as I’m learning more about them I will be changing information whenever I need to, and just keep updating as it needs to be.  But also, I’m hoping that in the near future, I can incorporate as many people as possible in this process, so that the site becomes a reliable source of information for such an important aspect of the Mexican culture.

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