Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thoughts on Kohler and Mishra Article
            I found the approach in this article a very effective one.  Allowing teachers to learn how to use technology while solving real pedagogy issues or a problem of practice while using prior knowledge makes the process meaningful to learners.  I find that I am much more engaged in completing assignments when they are relevant and meaningful.  When reading the key problems about teaching design, I can definitely relate as the learner in feeling that the ideas at first come across as vague, ambiguous, and incomplete until the ideas are clarified through action.  I am happy to say that I feel supported in learning technology in this course and specifically how we have been allowed to extend our understanding to other courses in the program and build on it further. 
            I especially appreciated the sections on Learning about Design and Learning about Learning.  These sections put into perspective that design and learning are complex, yet rewarding.  I couldn’t help but think about how this design not only relates to technology but it serves as a great model for teaching in general.  In my ESOL endorsement classes there is great emphasis on teaching students new content by building on background knowledge, making learning meaningful, providing lots of support and hands on activities.   I couldn’t help but relate Learning by Design to best practice. 

Tech Project Update
For my Technology project I will be creating a classroom website designed for the purpose of communicating with parents and keeping them connected with their child’s education.  My goal is to infiltrate my findings in my AR study about the importance of building partnerships with parents and parent involvement.  Several sections of the website will be focused on my synthesis of my AR (this will account for the Pedagogy-my research and findings).  I will also be sharing student work through photos and postings through a blog (this will account for the content).  I will also include several aspects from what we have learned through our tech class to implement in my website, e.g. website, blog, imbedding slideshows and links, etc. (this will account for the technology).  I realize that my content won’t be as strong as if I were focusing on a subject; rather it will have a broad range of aspects to make a well-rounded website and act more as a resource and informational place for parents to come.  

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